Core Values

Consistency: We strive to abide by the landscape standards that are put in place by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association. This allows us to ensure that each and every landscape is designed, built and maintained in a sustainable practice to establish resilient, healthy and luscious outdoor spaces. Keeping to these standards, we create consistency in all work that we do.

Reliability: Whether our clients require a bi-weekly maintenance program, a large scale landscape revamp or a followup site visit, you can be sure that our team members will always arrive prepared, on time and with a smile. Count on us to promptly answer all your questions and respond to any feedback you may have for us and our crews.

Efficiency: We are proud to say that we employ some of the hardest and smartest working landscapers in the business. Planning ahead, scheduling and organization are just a few of the key elements we put in place to become more efficient in our daily routine.

Customer Service: We have always strived to create lasting relationships with our clients by providing superior customer service to each and every one. Professionalism, loyalty and honesty are just a few of the values we embody.

Quality: To separate Sequoia from the competition we dedicate our expertise to the quality of landscape design, build and maintenance over the quantity of projects we can accomplish in the season. Our high quality of work has been reflected in many projects and has continued to reward us with positive feedback and continuous work.

Sustainability: Our teams are dedicated to the use of sustainable practices in our daily routines. From water reservation, to educated plant choices and building materials, we make a
conscious effort to decrease our carbon footprint on both small and large scale projects. Decisions like limiting our work zones to North and West Vancouver, minimizes our
overall fuel intake and in turn we become a completely local and relatively sustainable business.

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"Sequoia Landscape Services have performed, without exception, exceptionally, professionally and always with our wishes in mind delivering a quality end product." Lise Thompson-Cyr, West Vancouver